Fixed-movable Bridge

Fixed/movable bridge is a fixed restoration where the pontics are supported rigidly on one side by one or more abutment teeth, and a precision attachment on the other side. Precision attachment allows a small degree of movement between the rigid component and the other abutment tooth.

Fixed/movable bridge. Photo credit: Dr. Jesus Lecitona
Fixed/movable bridge. Photo credit: Dr. Jesus Lecitona

1. Where abutment teeth are tilted or totated in relation to each other and the preparation needed to make them parallel would be highly destructive to tooth.

1. Divergent abutments can be used.
2. More conservative of tooth structure.
3. It allows minor movements of abutments in relation to each other.
4. The bridges can be cemented separately.

1. More demanding of lab time.
2. More expensive.
3. Provisionalization is more difficult due to tilting of the abutment teeth.

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