Fixed-fixed Bridge

Fixed/fixed bridge is a fixed restoration where the pontics are supported rigidly on either side by one or more abutment teeth.

Fixed/fixed bridge.  Photo credit: Dr. Jesus Lecitona
Fixed/fixed bridge. Photo credit: Dr. Jesus Lecitona

1. Where missing units are bound by abutment teeth which are capable of supporting the functional load of the missing teeth.

1. Fixed/fixed bridge is a strong and retentive restoration for replacing missing teeth. It can be used for single or multiple missing units with the abutment teeth splinted together.

1. Fixed/fixed bridge requires the preparation of the abutment teeth to be parallel to each other which may mean overpreparation of the teeth, structural weakening of the tooth and endangering the pulp.
2. Teeth do move independently in function and this can lead to cementation failure of a fixed/fixed bridge.

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